10 Ways to Show your Lady Love

Marriage is beautiful. It takes work and diligence to cultivate the purpose assigned to such a call from God. Yes, you may have disagreements but it shapes character and builds up the foundation of your relationship when handled with love. Marriage is about doing life TOGETHER. There should never be a “You first” then “Me first” mentality but all things should be done in unity. Unhealthy competition ruins relationships, lies deplete them and lack of effort simply kills it.

Speaking of lack of effort, think of it this way; if you leave an apple out for too long without eating it, it decays and becomes no longer good to eat. Eating the apple in a timely manner benefits the body by providing the nutrients it needs but eating a bad apple has the potential to make you sick. To avoid being sick, if the apple is bad, we throw it away. We toss it because it is no longer beneficial to us and because it no longer serves its purpose to us, we fail to look at the apple’s true intention. We throw away that which doesn’t fit our need neglecting what’s on the inside.

Many times we look at our relationship and neglect it because of what it looks like on the outside. You fail to put in work when your spouse says she doesn’t feel the love. You stay silent on issues that are screaming on the inside of you. You don’t put aside the pride to just say, “I’m sorry.” We tend to throw away what’s rotten on the outside but forget that there is still a seed on the inside. That seed is still alive. It just needs to be planted. So instead of throwing away what you think is dead, try planting the seed inside of your relationship, inside of you and cultivate something new.

Here are 10 ways to show your lady love:

  1. Stay faithful to her – there’s nothing worse to a woman than a man who can’t keep his eyes to himself. As men, we have to be like Job and make a covenant with our eyes and remain faithful to our wives. Our strength lies in our relentless efforts to stay committed to the vow we made on the altar. Once we stand on that altar and say, “I DO,” no other woman matters. She is now your one and only and a real man honors that commitment and stays true to his word.
  2. Show her love when you wake up in the morning – start your day off right with a hug and a kiss. Showing affection is important to a woman. She shouldn’t be an afterthought but a forethought.
  3. Learn to listen first, then look for solutions – too often, we as men try to look for the solution without listening to her feelings. There are times where our wife may not need a solution but rather need our support. Ask if she wants you to do something AFTER you have listened to her.
  4. Be honest – the last thing you want to do is lie to your wife. Be upfront and honest with your feelings. Stay transparent and open with everything you do.
  5. Take her out on a nice date – make sure you plan it and put some work into it!
  6. Tell her you love her – not only show her you love her but whisper AND scream those words to her. She needs reassurance to know that you love her. Words are powerful so use them!
  7. Be present with her – don’t just sit in the house without talking to her but become one with her and spend quality time with her. Help where needed and be the man you were designed to be.
  8. Pray for her – “The effectual fervent prayers of a righteous man availeth much” James 5:16. Men have a mandate to cover our wives. We must learn that our prayers reach heaven in ways that can literally change the atmosphere of your home. She needs your prayers.
  9. Know her love language and act on it – whether it’s giving gifts, quality time, acts of service, physical touch or words of affirmation, connect with her by displaying what she loves most.
  10. Love on her during times of adversity – life is hard but it our duty as men to love during the worst of times. When she’s weak, we are to be strong. It doesn’t make us less than a man to cry but it’s through those tears that we show her we’re not only physically there but emotionally there for her as well.

Lorelco Mulzac


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