Passion isn’t Enough

Passion is described as a strong and uncontrollable desire or emotion. It is most often the catalyst that will bring you to what you desire most. I struggled with thinking passion was enough. I thought just as long as I have a strong desire to have something, I’m good. In order for me to get to my next promotion or start a new business, passion is all I need, right? Wrong.

Too many times in life we live off of our emotions. We have desires to change the world but never make advances to do it. We have desires to change our salary but never make the necessary steps to get a promotion or seek out opportunities for a higher income. We have dreams and hopes but never act on them. I am guilty of saying I want something so bad but never really taking it serious enough to get it. Why say we want something but never put in the work to retrieve it.

I have learned that passion will get you there but, unfortunately, it is not sustainable. Just like any emotion, passion will come and go unless you feed it. Passion only works if you accompany it with the appropriate action necessary to achieve your ultimate goal. I need you to understand that wanting to take something and actually taking it are two totally different things. But beware, this concept becomes powerful when you combine the two together.

If you want something in life, you have to grab it. There’s no time to doubt your ability to retrieve it. If you don’t take advantage of the opportunity then someone else will. There will always be someone waiting in line to take what’s yours. You can look at it this way; life is a competition but only to yourself.

You are simply battling your will to do versus your desire. Many of us have passions, whether good or bad, and some of us know oh too well what acting on those desires can do for your life. In this juncture, I would like to encourage those who have goals in life and have passions to make a difference in this world or in society and say go after it! Take what’s yours and make no apologies about it. Passion isn’t enough. You have to GRAB IT!

Lorelco Mulzac



  1. Yes! I agree completely with this blog and they reflect my thoughts EXACTLY! It’s all about what you do with this passion that can springboard you to the next accomplishment if you have the desire and, most importantly, the will to pursue it!

    Good luck on your passions and pursuit, I hope you achieve what you hope to!


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