It’s Our 3rd Year Anniversary!

Today, 3 years ago, I said the infamous words, “I DO!” It was a lifelong commitment I was willing to take. Though I was nervous, and a bit scared, nothing in this world could calm my spirits except when I saw my bride walk down the aisle. It was a moment that I will cherish forever and with that moment, every inch of anxiety left and I knew the journey that was destined for us would be God-ordained. Each event, each memory each detail is surrounded around the love we have for each other. I can count on my fingers how many times I’ve been without her and each time I missed her more and more. Each year has been a progression and as I look back, I can honestly say, God has been guiding us through it all. Let’s go down the timeline shall we:

Year 1:

So full of joy and love, we found a one bedroom duplex in Madison, TN. It was cute enough for us but it didn’t come without challenges. We endured through a season of no refrigerator, broken stove and no washer or dryer. We had a microwave and some pots and that’s all we needed to stay happy! We got full off of ramen noodles and crackers, stuck with microwaveable dinners and room temperature water. It was definitely an experience and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I remember the day we moved in, we had no furniture. My wife and I went on a search for a bed. I found a guy on a website who was selling a queen size bed-frame that was in our price range. I told my wife, let’s go for it and meet up with him. We met up with him and come to our surprise, he had another queen size set with a bed size stand, lamp, dresser, mattress and box spring. We told him our story and we ended up with a Queen bedroom set for 100 dollars more than the queen bed-frame delivered to our house! We were so happy because that was the only thing we had furnished in our duplex for about 2 months. After some time, God began to bless us with a dining set and two couches for free. He was definitely with us.

After 5 months, God pressed in my heart that we had to move. I didn’t know where but we had to go. My wife had a friend that told us about a job in San Diego, CA. We both applied and got the job. Within a few weeks, we sold all of our furniture, packed up our jeep and drove 30 hours across the country to San Diego. It was our first time being on our own and I believe God placed us there to grow as a couple in many areas of our life.

On our first year anniversary, we decided to spend it in Maui, Hawaii!


Year 2:

We found a church home in San Diego called Total Deliverance Worship Center. This was truly a blessing that we had been praying and seeking God for for some time. Bishop Benson and his wife welcomed us in with open arms and put us right to work in ministry. My wife and I have been in ministry for some time before we met but never did ministry together. It was definitely a learning experience. We figured out our strengths and weaknesses and began to work within those challenges. We were active in year 2! We worked full-time, we were both in school and working in ministry. It is such a joy to have a woman to love Christ with.


This year we worked on our attitudes. My attitude was not ideal and neither was my wife’s but through understanding and prayer, we worked it out. By the way, we still have issues with this from time to time! I remember times where we lacked in communication, not understanding each other’s emotions. We had to learn how to communicate effectively as it pertains to how we felt about certain issues and decisions. This happens when we’re transparent about our issues and where we are in life. We had a great community of couples we could hang out with and express our issues. I feel every young married couple should have other couples who are married to hold them accountable. It was a year of learning in love and fighting through differences. Oh, and we bought a beautiful Maltese puppy. I just can’t believe my wife “forced” me to pay $500 for it!

On our second year anniversary, we decided to spend it in San Francisco, CA!


Year 3:

This third year, we were on the move again. This was the year of action! God moved us from San Diego to Los Angeles. I had a better job opportunity that paid well enough where I could take care of the both of us. I’m still trying to wrap my head around this but we found a three bed two bathroom house with a beautiful backyard in a wonderful neighborhood. I could’ve never imagined how blessed we could be after our first year of marriage. My wife focused on school and began her journey as an Entrepreneur.

My wife planned her first event called Blossom Over Brunch. Her mission is bringing lasting beauty to a world of beauty that fades. She had a sold out event in Nashville, TN where women came to be empowered through beauty and through the word of God. In this third year, I also decided to get my family together to do a concert supporting other artists and entrepreneurs. I can’t forget to mention, my wife got a job as a Human Resource Specialist and I finished my Masters degree in Human Resource Management. How ironic right? This was the first step to creating our identity in marriage. Our identity is not in the events we plan but the message behind what we do as a couple.

In marriage, I find it important to have an identity, a purpose and something in which you, as a couple, stand for. Though I believe the foundation in every couple should be the Word of God, we have to cultivate that and ask God for guidance in obtaining a culture that is sustaining and uplifting in the sight of God. Each opportunity of life is given as part of our destiny. We’ve grown together, loved together, and fought together. We don’t always see eye-to-eye but through the love we cultivated as a couple who’s foundation is in God, we learned to overcome obstacles and live every moment to the fullest. Marriage is never easy but these three years with the beautiful woman I love have definitely been worth it!

On our third year anniversary, we decided to spend it…

Lorelco Mulzac


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