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Lorelco Mulzac is a young man who loves to express himself in many creative ways. He is a man of God who loves to preach the Word of God, sing, inspire others and play music. He is married to his beautiful wife of nearly 3 years, Wanda Mulzac. Lorelco is a well-known speaker and entrepreneur. He is currently writing his first book titled, Shattered Glass, and has also released a musical project titled, Better.  Lorelco’s purpose is to capture your heart through the love of God. To learn more about Lorelco, follow him on all social media sites.
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Better - EP Album CoverA smooth, original sound that goes beyond the parameters of gospel that illustrates musical and lyrical elements that are sure to reach your heart. This EP reflects the heart and soul of a young man trusting and relying on God through tough times. It is a reminder that things will get better if we just trust in Jesus. The highly anticipated EP, Better, will be released August 15, 2017.

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